General engineer with a specialization in electronics

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Professional career :

April 2018-Now: Test, validation and automation engineer (C++/Qt/Python)

Development and use of a C++/Qt application allowing users to make and launch dynamic test scripts in Python 3 to validate the different integration phase of constraining systems in medical as well as C ++ libraries.
Adress : Mediane Systeme Consultant (Grenoble, France)
Adress : Mission for Fresenius Kabi (Brezins, France)
Phone number : +33 (4).
Website : http://www.fresenius-kabi.fr/
Website : http://www.medianesysteme.com/

September 2017-March 2018: Embedded software development

   - 4 months: Design of an API for office coffee machines used to send data and configure the device remotely (C++ 11, Qt5.2, Protocol buffers, embedded Linux, ARM).
   - 1 month and a half: Design of a REST API allowing to control a reglophare from a web application and modification of the existing Qt application to better manage results and archive (CivetWeb, QJson for old versions of Qt, C ++, Qt4.6.3 , PhyCARD-i.MX 6, Embedded Linux).
   - 15 days: Improve of the VPU driver for a BSP under WAC 2013 to integrate the management of a dual screen.
Adress : Witekio GmbH (Friedberg, Germany)
Phone number : +49.6031.6937070
Website : https://witekio.com/

March 2016-August 2017: Software development (C++/Qt) on medical devices

I worked as consultant (Mediane Systeme) for a mission which can be described in 7 points:
   - Library design to communicate with most products of the company (C++11/Qt, MQTT, TFTP, UDP, Protocol buffers, Google Test, ...)
   - HMI to have visual application to communicate with most products of the company
   - Create plugins for production (HMI to optimize production line productivity and test bench)
   - Create library and HMI to communicate with Modbus automaton
   - Create library to discuss with scanners (C++11, TWAIN protocol)
   - Create installers to install the internal software on the production lines
   - Discuss with numerous services and people in order to design viable product
Adress : Mediane Systeme Consultant (Grenoble, France)
Adress : Mission for Fresenius Kabi (Brezins, France)
Phone number : +33 (4).
Website : http://www.fresenius-kabi.fr/
Website : http://www.medianesysteme.com/

January-October 2015 : C++/Qt developer for alarm server (Mobicall) in Switzerland

Software development of a Drag&Drop configurator for alarms with C++/Qt for a dynamic company designing MobiCall alarm server.
Common task I had to do was to do full development process from design to release. The scope of skills I improved is quite huge:
  - Working as a team on a common project
  - Write high quality code with unit testing, code review and code style guide and automated build infrastructure.
  - Working on many development topics from implementing OS dependent functions (without Qt) to UI design.
  - Working on non-development topics (Be in contact with providers, create or modify SVG icons)

Adress : New Voice International Ltd (Zürich, Switzerland)
Phone number : +41 (4)
Website : https://www.mobilisierung.com/en/

November 2014-January 2015 : Consultant doing a mission at Sagem Defense & Security

This was my first JOB in the field of embedded systems (optronic embedded project within Sagem Argenteuil).
This project is the logical continuation of the JIM LR twin (twin with day-night vision , telemetry , laser pointer, compass, GPS , data exchange with a central , ...).
I did not stay very long in this company because of a career opportunity (see New Voice).

Adress : Sagem, Argenteuil (France)
Adress : Altran Technologies (Vélizy-Villacoublay, France)
Phone number : +33 (0)
Website : https://www.altran.fr/

February-July 2014 : Comparative performance of microkernel (embedded systems)

This six months internship at Thales Communication & Securité in the embedded systems field may be defined by three points:
- Creation of secure applications (Trust Zone) on ARM-A9 processors in bare-metal (protection of memory areas, peripherals, interrupts ...)
- Design of drivers with Posix interrupts for PikeOS hypervisor (SYSGO)
- Creation of tools to measure performance and presence of hardware components (caches, processor, ...)

Adress : Thales Communications & Security, (Gennevilliers, France)
Phone number : +33 (0)
Website : https://www.thalesgroup.com/

July-August 2013 : Two months internship in embedded systems

During this internship, I integrated and compared two real-time operating systems (RTOS) on the LPC1768 microcontroller and fully developed a library for this microcontroller which was compatible with RTOS.
This allowed me to deepen my knowledge in embedded systems (low level C, assembly, Makefile, ...) as well as strengthening my choice of specialization in the third year of engineering school.

Adress : M. Guillaume Bossard, UXP (Seyssinet Pariset, France)
Phone number : +33 (0)
Website : https://www.uxp.fr/
Internship report : Internship report (in french)

June-July 2012 : One month internship in China

During this internship, I helped a PhD student in his research on cognitive radio.
This internship allowed me to discover a new culture, to show adaptation, to expand my professional network and to increase my knowledge in the field of telecommunications.
It also allowed me to gain confidence in myself and realize that it is not so difficult to go in a foreign country.

Adress : M. Zhang Liangjun, Wuhan University of Technology (Wuhan)
Email adress : fstudent@whut.edu.cnn
Website : https://english.whut.edu.cn/
Internship report : Internship report (in french)

July 2009 : A one month job as a Maintenance agent (Summer Job)

This job familiarized me with the working world including, among others, the spirit of cooperation and the implementation of technical solutions to problems (Water leaks, degradation of walls ...).

Address : Mr Serge BESCHI (Maire de La Motte D'Aveillans)
Email Adress : Communemotteaveillans@orange.fr
Phone Number : +33 (0)

February 2006 : Internship of 20 days in a small computer repair business.

This internship consisted in repairing computers and saling computer equipment.
It enabled me to consolidate my knowledge in Information technology and to discover the working world.
It is from there that I knew I liked electronics and Information technology.

Address : Mr C. Colin, CAP Informatique (Vizille)
Email adress : Capinfo-vizille@wanadoo.fr
Internship report : Internship report (in french)
Additional Information : It appears that this trade has stopped its activity in 2010.

Academic background :

2011-2014: Student at the National Superior School of Electronics and its Applications (ENSEA)

Three years general engineering school (Master) specialized in electronics, information technology and embedded systems.
I specialized in third grade in the area of embedded systems.
List of subjects studied: Electronics (main course), Information technology (JAVA, C, VHDL), Bus and industrial networks, RTOS, Sensors, Windows CE, Embedded Linux, automotive embedded systems, Physics of semiconductor components, electromagnetism, electromagnetic compatibility Transmission signal, Management, data Structures, Microprocessors, sampling discrete systems, linear systems, Servo, energy Conversion, quantum Physics, Probability, English, Spanish, Chinese, new Option products of consumer electronics, encryption option, Option Electronics for identification and security-RFID, microelectronics Option ...

Some projects (downloadable reports by clicking on the projects):
      - Wireless alarm system
      - Encryption application (application : Safe_for_all_v1.0.jar, source code: Safe_for_all_v1.0.zip))
      - GPS CAN (source code: GPS_CAN.zip))
      - Telescreen (source code: telecran_ensea_2012.zip))
      - AES in C (source code: AES_en_C.zip)
      - Touch screen
      - Dynamic typing
      - Thermostat

Address : ENSEA (Cergy-Pontoise)
Phone number : +33 (0)
Website : https://www.ensea.fr/

2009-2011 : PTSI- PT* student (Preparatory school for Engineering school)

Two years in preparatory school specializing in Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics.
It may be noted that I made a Personal Initiative Project on the wear of the hopper of a refuse collector (Mechanics: Friction, Corrosion ...).

Adress : Lycée Vaucanson (Grenoble)
Email Adress : Cpgevaucanson@gmail.com
Phone Number : +33 (0)
Website : https://www.ac-grenoble.fr/lycee/vaucanson/prepas/

2006-2009 : Bachelor of Science General Engineering Sciences industry with honors

Bachelor of Science General Engineering with Electronics and Mecanics projects
Example of completed project: Electronic DistanceMeter (EDM)

Adress : Lycée Polyvalent Portes de l'Oisans (Vizille)
Phone Number : +33 (0)
Website : https://www.ac-grenoble.fr/lycee/vizille.portes-oisans/mobile/

Self learning :

2015-Now : Language (Duolingo)

Self-training in foreign languages (English, German, Spanish, ...).
Certificates :
      - Duolingo English and German

2016-Now : Computer Language (Sololearn, Openclassrooms, ...)

Self-training in computer languages (Python 3, C++, C#, CSS3, PHP, JS, HTML5, SQL, ...).
Certificates :
      - Sololearn Python 3, C++, C#, CSS3, PHP, JS, HTML5 and SQL

2016-Now : Moocs (fun-mooc, udemy, ...)

Self-training on various topics (computer security, computer languages, management, Linux, robotics, ...).

    - Be an information security actor - Normandie Université (PDF certificate):

    - Learn Angular 4 from Scratch - Udemy (PDF certificate):

    - C language basics - MinesTelecom (PDF certificate):

    - The essentials to master Linux (PDF certificate):

    - Art-duino : Making creative connected objects - Ecole de l'image GOBELINS (PDF certificate):

    - Programming an object with Arduino - MinesTelecom (PDF certificate):

    - Making a Connected Object - MinesTelecom (PDF certificate):

    - Learning digital manufacturing - MinesTelecom (PDF certificate):

    - Technology challenges of participatory smart cities - Inria (PDF certificate):

    - Web usage - C2i (PDF certificate) :

    - Documents in the Cloud - C2i (PDF certificate):

    - Digital creation - Inria (PDF certificate):

    - Learn to use JSON - Udemy (PDF certificate) :

    - Introduction to Docker - Udemy (PDF certificate) :

    - 30 days of Python - Udemy (PDF certificate) :

    - Other MOOCSs (PDF certificates):
       - Passive income with niche websites