General engineer with a specialization in electronics

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My favorite activities :


Electronic and Information technology projects :

A general engineer specializing in electronics making electronics?
Strange , isn't it ?
I frequently disassemble old electronic devices to see how it works.
Moreover, I sometimes get into Mini electronic and Information technology projects (ex: Create a thermostat with adjustable temperature, Create a telescreen, Create a Website ...).

   - Arduino libraries (C++/Electronics) :
      - Wireless remote controller
      - RFID card reader
      - Read/Write EEPROM (I2C)
      - Temperature sensor (I2C)
      - Luminosity sensor
      - Hygrometer
      - Proximity sensor

   - Plugins for voice assistant OpenJarvis (Bash, Python, Linux) :
      - Send commands with Facebook
      - Control smart lights bulbs
      - Control wireless wall switches
      - Launch Youtube video/music
      - Use USB camera
      - Use PiCamera
      - Send emails
      - Do backups using Dropbox
      - Get traffic time (fork)
      - Launch Deezer music (fork)
      - Launch radio/TV
      - Launch local music
      - Send SMS, send and receive calls
      - Integrate facial recognition
      - Detect movement in the house
      - Communicate with Arduino boards

   - GSM module library (Python) :
     GSM module library (Python)

   - Smart light bulbs Milight library (Python) :
     Smart light bulbs Milight library (Python)

   - OVH mail management website template (PHP/HTML/CSS/JS/OVH API) :
     OVH mail management website template (PHP/HTML/CSS/JS/OVH API)

   - Software to check the FTP(s) server security (Python) :
     Software to check the FTP(s) server security (Python)

   - Wireless alarm (C/Electronics) :
     Presentation of my 2nd year project : A wireless alarm

   - Cryptology program (JAVA) :
     Java Project : cryptology

   - Inventory Management program (SQL/PHP/JS) :
     SQL/PHP/JS Project : Inventory Management

   - This website (HTML/CSS/PHP/JS) :
     This website (HTML/CSS/PHP/JS)

   - Automatic subscription software on websites (Python) :
     Automatic subscription software on websites (Python)

   - Projects in engineering school : telecran and thermostat (C/VHDL/Electronics) :
     PPresentation of my electronic project named Télécran        Presentation of my electronic project named Thermostat


Photography :

My main passion is nature photography !
As pictures are better than words, I invite you to watch my Photo Gallery :

Click here to watch my Photo Gallery.


Traveling :

Travel is for the best !
Here are the countries I have visited :
              - Switzerland (Work)
              - China (Internship and holiday)
              - Czech Republic (Student exchange)
              - Spain (School trips and holiday)
              - Sweden (improvised trips)
              - Luxembourg, Andorra, Italy, Monaco, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Croatia,
                Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, ... (Holidays)


Helping a teenager with learning difficulties :

I belong to an association called "AFEV" (and Aide Moi à Faire Seul ENSEA).
My role is to help a teenager with school difficulties :
                    - Homework help,
                    - Do after school activities to make him more self-confident,
                    - Creation of scientific experiments,
                    . . .



Tennis :

Tennis is my favorite sport.
I have practicing this sport for over 12 years: 8 years in a club and more than 4 years as a leisure.
However, competition has never inspired me :
What I like in tennis, is not the victory but the pleasure to play with someone of a similar level.


Reading :

I love Science Fiction and Fantastic literature.
I also like manga.
For 2-3 years, I've been reading only english books (except for manga).
Here is a small selection of my favorite books :

Eragon Harry Potter Isaac Asimov The chronicles of Narnia 1984 by George Orwell His Dark Materials The Magician's Apprentice by Trudi Canavan One Piece Naruto

Cinema/TV Shows :

I frequently watch movies and TV Shows in English.
Here is a small selection of my favorite movies and TV shows :

Charlie Chaplin Louis de Funes Stargate SG1 Star Wars Game Of Thrones The Lord of the Rings The legend of the seeker Dark Angel Dexter


Information technology :

Yes ... I am part of the computer generation.
Therefore, It is normal that this fabulous technology interests me :
                    -It Facilitates self-learning (Openclassrooms, Duolingo, Sololearn, Fun-mooc, ...),
                    -It Enables to be better informed,
                    -It Allows better communication,